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The buying process in Northern Cyprus is very easy. There is an endless selection of properties you can choose from. Our professional staff will ask you as many questions as possible to make sure we only take you to view properties that meet your criteria, we don’t want to waste any of your precious time. Once you find your dream home and a purchase price has been agreed with the vendor you will then need to pay a deposit to remove the property from the sales market. You will then need to appoint a lawyer to act on your behalf in the purchase process, we will be happy to recommend a lawyer who will talk you through the process and offer any advise you may need.


When you decide to purchase a property in Northern Cyprus, Property Stop North Cyprus strongly recommend that you use a lawyer firm who will give you professional guidance and talk you through the procedures.


Advocates and Legal Advisers:


  • LAWLEX Law and Consulting

Address: Kolordu Road,Kortan Business Centre No:5, Kyrenia 

Telephone number: +90 (533) 822 7228


  • Naomi Mehmet and Partners

Address: Sar─▒yer Sokak, Muharremo─člu Apt. No: 1, Kyrenia

Telephone number: +90 (392) 816 0440

Website: www.nmplegal.com

Email: info@nmplegal.com

  • S&A Advocates and Legal Consultants

Address: 49-5 Hz Omer Caddesi, Karakum, Kyrenia

Telephone number: +90 (392) 33 00 753/54 Fax: +90 (392) 815 03 06 Mobile: +90 (0)533 872 28 21  

Web: www.sa-advocates.com   

Email: info@sa-advocates.com  

  • Munir Akil Law Office

Address: Namik Kemal Caddesi, Yetkili Is Merkeezi No.2, Kyrenia

Telephone number: +90 392 815 7935  Fax: +90 392 815 6690 Mobile: +90 (0) 542 851 4771

Website: www.munirakil.com

Email: info@munirakil.com





Property Stop North Cyprus requires following documents from clients when selling their property:

1Copy Title Deed.


2  Copy Land Registry Site plan showing the plot number and the full extent of the site or if an individual plot is being purchased, the individual plot highlighted.

3 The seating plan if the property is on a complex, showing the layout of the properties on the site.


4      Build Permit if the property is an off-plan construction or a recently completed construction or, if this is not yet available, the Letter of Approval fromthe City Planning Office and the architectural plans VIZE stamped by the Chamber of Architects.


5      The Final Approval if the property is a recently completed construction which has not yet been registered on the title deeds or if work has been carried outtothe property so that the information on the title deeds is incorrect, we will require sight of the final approval of the construction/work carried out.


6      Original Contract if this is a re-sale where the current Vendor does not have title, we will require the original contract between the Landowner andthecurrent Vendor.


7      Full name and photocopy of the identity card/Passport of the Vendor and the Landowner (if the Landowner is a different person to the Vendor)


8      Contact details


9      Plot number and Site name if the property is on a complex or off-plan.