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Northern Cyprus is famous for its tasty food and fantastic restaurants. From savory to sweet there is a rich choice of foods to tempt. It has a rich cuisine, which has been influenced by Arabia, the Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, and Greece cultures. Restaurants offer every imaginable dish to a high standard from traditional local cuisine consisting a wide selection of hot and cold mezes to a wide range of kebabs or fish dishes.


Many dishes vary from region to region making Northern Cyprus a fascinating place to eat. Each dish has a unique taste and is well presented reflecting the Cypriot character. 'Molohiya', Arabic in origin, is a rich dish appealing to Cypriot taste, preparation and presentation. Other favorites include 'Yalanci dolma' (vine leaves stuffed with rice, onions, and tomatoes); 'Shish Kebap' (marinated lamb, skewered and grilled over charcoal), 'Sigara borek' (feta cheese rolled in filo pastry and deep-fried) and 'Mousakka' (layers of mince, potatoes, and aubergines baked in the oven with cheese topping). Cypriot meals normally commence with 'meze'. This specialty consists of a large number of cold and hot hors d'oeuvres, including many salads, meats, vegetable, and fish dishes. This can be eaten as a starter, but equally as a meal in itself with the supply of dishes seeming never to stop arriving! 

Local deserts are mostly eastern in origin and are usually extremely sweet, examples include 'lokum' (Turkish Delight), 'halva' (slices of ground sesame seeds and sugar) and 'baklava' (thin pastry, nuts, honey and syrup), but there is an abundance of fresh fruit too and many more European dishes. No meal should end without the thick and strong Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is served in small coffee cups in three ways; 'sah-de', which is unsweetened, 'ortah', which is moderately sweet, and 'shekerli', which is very sweet. You will always be asked, before the coffee is brewed, which of the three you would like!!

A cooling cocktail is perfect in the summer and the local 'Brandy Sour' is worth a taste. Imported wines, beers and spirits are widely available. 'Efes' beer is good quality and excellent value. Of the local wines, the most popular are 'Chankaya' (white) and Kavaklidere (red). As well as the numerous local establishments,

Northern Cyprus boasts a marvelous selection of restaurants offering dishes from around the world. French ,Italian, European cuisine is widely available and there are a number of excellent Chinese and Indian cuisines too! From the simplest of tavernas ( Meyhane in Turkish) to international style restaurants, the choices are endless. But all share the traditional Cypriot values of fresh ingredients, friendly staff and good value for money.


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